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on this page ive put some select pieces i made for a portfolio to an art school! the portfolio had a few different categories, so these pieces are also sorted like so :)

life drawing / croquis

28/1/2019 5 minute croquis drawing

5 minutes

4/2/2019 5 minute croquis drawing

5 minutes

february? 2019 15 minute croquis drawing

15 minutes

february? 2019 3 minute croquis drawing

3 minutes

february? 2019 2 minute croquis drawing

2 minutes


13/1/2019 Digital drawing. A small kitten catches a much bigger fish than the old cat sitting next to him
29/12/2018 Digital drawing. A donkey has grown magic wings with unnaturally colored beans scattered on the ground
11/12/2018 Digital drawing. A woman scolds a small dog in a mud-covered room


25/1/2019 Digital drawing of a fire-spewing dragon
27/1/2019? Traditional drawing of a mermaid
19/2/2019? Traditional drawingof an old man doing a flying kick
30/1/2019 Digital drawing of a man dancing ballet
6/2/2019 Digital drawing of a horned elf striking a pose
3/2/2019 Digital drawing of a girl doing a trick on a skateboard


8/3/2019 Digital drawing. A dragon is caught stealing cookies from the jar, with a very nervous expression on their face

this is actually a piece i started and abandoned in 2016, but i still liked the idea so i finished it for this portfolio :)

25/2/2019 Digital drawing. A humanoid dragon wonders who bit off the end of her sandwich, as a fish sits in the pond below, looking satisfied
7/3/2019 Digital drawing. A field biologist gets water sprayed in her face by a small tadpole-esque mermaid
28/2/2019 Digital drawing of two girls kissing

28/2/2019 Digital drawing. A monkey wants a banana from a displeased monkey's collection