26/08/2023 - was unhappy with the state and look of this site so im giving it a lil overhaul! im starting uni again soon so idk how much ill get done before i drown in work, but ill focus on gettin all the functionality of the previous site back :)

2/12/2022 - long time since last update! fixed some images in 2022 gallery that were smaller than they should be, and changed some text around, especially my social links! hopefully i can do a more substantial update soon, i have plenty of ideas for this lil place fgfj

20/4/2022 - filled out my galleries fully going back to 2019, including special galleries for my birbtober 2020 and drawtober 2019 art challenges and stuff :)

16/4/2022 - attempts to make this website look good have begun! also added a simple dark mode solution (priorities 😎)

10/4/2022 - started over on trying to make a site since the code for my old wip one was a mess lmao. an art page (including gallery pages for 2019-2022), an about, a sitemap, and of course the home page were added!